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Random mishmash of thoughts

I often try to look to the future see myself married with a good job maybe starting a family.. But lately life has handed me a crappy hand... How do you tell the person who loves you most.. That you only love them as a friend now.. This last week has been the hardest week in my life. Ive never been on this end of an ending relationship.. I always thought it would be easier, but no its as hard or harder to deal with.. I feel like im the worlds biggest asshole. All ive wanted to do was get out a here go see all my old friends. I really have no one out here at the new house other then my parents.. it sucks.. im depressed i have no friends im 1 test away from finishing school and im scared to.. i guess RL scares me.. i haven t gotten a goodnight sleep (without taking pills) in over a month. at least i haven t started drinking again.. maybe tonight ill get some sleep.. *sigh*

One of my very best friends in the whole world moved away the 22 baobh. And i didnt even go to see her off.. I feel like shit for this too.. gah my life is spinning out a control and i dont know what to do..

anyways.. whatever.. ill live.. ive always pulled through..

enough random bullshit..
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