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beeeen a while

Its been a while since i last updated this thinger. So here we go.

So lets see where did i leave off.. Oh work is going well so far its nice to work with friends. Though the 90 some-odd mile (one way mind you) 180ish miles round trip per day is starting to be hell.. But its fun i get paid pretty well and yah its fun. So other then drive from hell its not a bad gig.

Amanda left for home on 8-3 . we went to Denver and i flew home from there on the 5th to start work on the 6th. It really sucks not having her here anymore. I miss her alot. We did decided to continue to date again. Which made me happy and sad, knowing she is going to be 3000 miles away from me. I am goin back to MD on the 3rd of September for her birthday. I cant wait for that. I keep counting the days like a dork. But oh well i am a dork as well as a computer geek. But ive come to grips with that loonnng ago. This has been pretty much story of my life.. work sleep miss Amanda.

I did however go and see a play my sister was in last night The King . It was a really good show if you like Elvis. The impersonator wasn't the best of seen but all and all it was alot of laughs.

Anyways i really dont have much else to say here i guess. Tomorrow starts another work week. Were rolling out a few new servers etc. Should be fun and keep me busy and mind off missing Amanda. So until next time.

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