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Road Trip Bitches~!

So I'm sitting out in front of jlasher house in our rented RV preparing for a grand adventure to the following destinations.

A) Poxy Boggards / Young Dubliners show in Santa Ana tomorrow night.
B) Comic Con in San Diego Saturday and Sunday night. :D

Right now we have the MAC's setup on the wireless network the Wii plugged into the TV and the fridge loaded with booze! Mmmmm yummy yummy booze. Speaking of booze, I have been drinking a lot as of late, I dunno I have gotten the drinking bug again and picked the bottle back up where I left it about 3 years ago. Anyways, I hasn't effected my work just my sleep and I can live with a little lost sleep. You get plenty sleep when your dead! ;)

So anyways in other news...

My mood has lightened up a bit since this week has started. I'm still dead fucking tired but the excitement of the trip has me wired, or maybe thats the DP. Hmmm *ponder ponder ponder* I just get a bit frustrated when dear friends are having an issue and I can't help to make them happier or whatever. Its also a bit worse when its the girl I'm seeing. :( Things have gotten better so thats helped the mood a bit, will see what the weekend brings us.

Anyways, I need to get back to packing and loading the RV. Ill update more from the road.

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