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Here I sit, wide awake and mind a blaze with all kinds of thoughts...

The best I can explain it is like when your a child. You dream of what your going to be when you're older, whom you're going to be with etc... Tonight I sit thinking back to when I was a boy, all the dreams I had all the things I wanted to do. Now 25, I realize I haven't really accomplished all that much. I have accomplishments in life, respect at work but, it isn't enough. Something is missing in my life, I could say companionship but would that really make it all the better? Is that what my life is lacking? The perfect relationship, someone that loves me just for me, faults and all. We all want someone to share our life with, our excitements and also our hardships, but would that really dig me out of the rut I have gotten myself into?

I would love to say a vacation would change my mood as of late, getting away from it all. I'm sure the time away would be a nice distraction, but all the same, my life would be sitting here staring me in the face when I got back.

So I sit here left wondering what do I do. Sit by idly as life passes me by just rolling with the punches? Or Man up and take control of my own life and make some changes? I know the ladder is the right choice to make in my situation. But taking a step back and looking at it all I feel small almost defeated. I take one step forward then I get punched in the face and dragged 12 back it seems lately.

Life is short, and we only get one shot it at. We can either make the best of it, or bitch and take no action. Tonight I bitch, tomorrow I believe there to be a change in the wind.

So I'll leave you with a quote I find oddly amusing to me right now.

"Youth is wasted on the young"
-George Bernard Shaw
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